Green Greater Racine Partners with Great Lakes Community Conservation Corps

Greening Greater Racine (GGR) was created to develop Racine into a more healthy and sustainable place for people and all organisms to live. Southeast Wisconsin Solar Group Buy (SWSGB) was developed by the energy committee of Greening Greater Racine to increase solar education and installations in Southeast Wisconsin through a group purchase and competitive bidding process. Great Lakes Community Conservation Corps (GLCCC) allows training and education for underprivileged youth to help improve the environment through sustainability and restoration projects in southeastern Wisconsin. These two groups (SWSGB and GLCCC) are partnering together to provide families the opportunity to generate their own electricity.


“We were so pleased with our solar panels. They were installed cleanly, properly and efficiently. We have noticed a big decrease in our monthly utility bills. I would strongly urge anyone with an interest in saving money to consider this.”