On 11 April the Kenosha News published an article about our Southeast Wisconsin Solar Group Buy. 

Solar Group Buy Expands in Southeast Wisconsin

More homeowners and businesses expected to enjoy significant savings on solar installations

Racine, WI – 10 April 2017 – Reduced rates on solar panel installations will now be available to more homeowners and businesses in southeast Wisconsin. The Southeast Wisconsin Solar Group Buy has expanded its coverage from a focus on the city of Racine in 2016 to all of Racine County and the greater Kenosha area for its 2017 program. Formerly called SOLARacine, the name of the program has been changed to more accurately reflect the larger area it now encompasses.

According to Tom Rutkowski, leader of the SWSGB, last year’s success and the state of the industry supported the decision to grow the program. “In 2016, our first year, we had 130 homeowners sign up to get a free evaluation of their properties’ potential for solar production. Eighteen of those homeowners installed systems that totaled 80 kilowatts.” Rutkowski is anticipating even greater response for the 2017 program. “This year, we’ll again be able to offer rates that are 15-20% less than market pricing. Between the group buy savings and the other incentives that are available now, there has never been a better time to install solar.”

Rutkowski supports this statement by explaining the state of the industry as well as the dynamics behind the program. “Solar panel prices have continued to fall. When you combine that with a group purchase, which creates efficiencies for the solar contractor that are passed on to participants, you get the lowest per kilowatt rates we’ve ever seen. Plus, the federal Residential and Commercial Renewable Energy Tax Credit remains at 30% through the end of 2019. On top of that, Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy solar rebates are funded through 2018 and can be up to $2000 for residential and $4000 for business.”

Arch Electric of Plymouth, WI, is the solar contractor that was selected for the 2017 SWSGB through a competitive bidding process. The SWSGB is also continuing its relationship with the Great Lakes Community Conservation Corps. The Great Lakes CCC is a nonprofit organization that leverages community resources to train and educate disadvantaged populations for credentials that close skills gaps. Trainees will assist Arch Electric with SWSGB installations.

Representatives from the SWSGB, Arch Electric, and the Great Lakes CCC are hosting free informational sessions for any home or business owner interested in learning more about the group buy program and how they can benefit. Learn more about our Information Sessions on here.



The Southeast Wisconsin Solar Group Buy is a program founded by Greening Greater Racine to reduce the cost and complexity of installing solar panels. By bringing together homeowners and businesses interested in making the transition to clean solar energy, SWSGB creates a “group buy” that generates efficiencies for our partner contractors who pass the savings on to participants.